The Zion Baptist Church Outreach Program mission is to reach and inform every un-churched, disillusioned man, women, boy, girl, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Zion Baptist Church.

To build the kingdom of God

“One Size Fits ALL”

Upcoming Events:
Mother’s Day Celebration- “My Mother, My Daughter, My Sister, My Friend!”
Father’s Day Celebration- “Wii Pray and Play!”
Zion’s Family and Friends Picnic- July
Outdoor Movie Festival – Coming Soon!
“News You Can Use” – Informational Workshops- Coming Soon!
50 Million Pound Challenge- Ongoing, OUR team… “Zion Baptist Church Outreach”
Mid Century Saints (Ages 25-60) Outing- Coming Soon!
Senior Saints (Ages 60 or better, or RETIRED) Outing- Coming Soon!
Teen “Get Out, Way Out”- Coming Soon!

Outreach’s Schedule:
Meet 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 6:00 p.m.

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